Since its beginnings, Arclinea has stood out for its ability to interpret the needs linked to new lifestyles, translating them into practical, accessible solutions. This approach, strongly oriented towards modernity, has however been accompanied by awareness of the value of Italian tradition, a combination that has always distinguished the Arclinea design philosophy.

Sixty years of hard work, passionately spent researching quality: a story of ideas and intuition, guided by constant attention to design stemming from collaboration with important names, by untiring study of the best construction solutions, and by a desire to communicate in a new way, often ahead of its time.

An unmistakable path, where the kitchen has always been not only a place for cooking, but also and especially somewhere for living and sharing. Within this unique vision, the kitchen manages to combine modernity and tradition, innovation and memory, Italian sensibility and international vocation.



In 1960, the introduction of the name Arclinea, a combination of the acronym standing for “arredamenti razionali componibili” (modular rational furnishings) and the world “linea” (line), suggested that the artisan dimension had been left behind in favour of typically industrial production. Over the years, the graphics for the logo have been cleaned up to make it even sharper, consistently in line with the style evolution of the overall collection.







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