Venissa Wine Resort, Burano, Italy

In the lagoon to the north of Venice, among allotments growing ‘castraure’ (tasty young artichokes) and colourful towns, two islands, linked together, Mazzorbo and Burano, are the stars of an exclusive hospitality programme. On the first, Mazzorbo, the Bisol family has brought back to life an ancient vine, which acts as a backdrop for the Restaurant, Contemporary Tavern and Wine Resort Venissa, which gets its name from the vine itself. The prestigious project has taken yet another step forward with inauguration of the new holiday apartments on the island of Burano, connected to Mazzorbo by a bridge. Some of the typical colourful island homes, once inhabited by lace makers and fishermen, have been restructured in collaboration with local craftsmen and some of the best companies from these parts and Made in Italy, including Arclinea.

There will be a total of five holiday homes dotted around the island by the end of 2016, housed in different buildings. They were designed with a desire to have the guest enjoy the town’s atmosphere and come into contact with the locals. For slow-pace holidays, spent discovering the traditions and beautiful sights of one of the world’s unique cities, Venice, and its special, secret lagoon.
All the homes are different and Arclinea has provided kitchens, bathrooms and storage solutions in a real tailor-made, at times miniaturised, project. Elm wood for worktops and desks, lacquered white for the cupboards, grey Armour for the kitchens. The end result, like the details, embraces a use of space for comfort and easy living.


Venissa Wine Resort
Ph. Studio Pitari

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