Riga - New opening

Trentini, the historical Arclinea partner in Riga, opened in September its new Concept Store “Trentini Space and Design” in the heart of the city. The renovated 19th century building was redesigned by Zane Tetere-Sulce, one of the most successful and valued architects of Latvia. Previously horse arena and sports club, the building in Strēlnieku Street 8 is at the same time showroom, gallery and interior design experience.

Two Arclinea kitchens are here on display. In this image: Italia kitchen model, wall of tall units with door in black Fenix NTM®, Mensolinea with accessories; central island in stainless steel with 3.1 h recessed worktop and snack table in fossil oak NTF (Natural Touch Finish), Double Shelf in stainless steel.

In front of the shop window, an elegant Convivium / Principia kitchen features an island with door Convivium Elegant in Bronze PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), 20 cm h worktop in Venus Quarzo Tech with central Accessorised Channel in stainless steel, New Convivium hood in Bronze PVD, Era table and Olimpia chairs in fumé oak NTF; wall of tall units with Principia door in fumé oak NTF, MAC (Mini-Appliances-Container) 120 cm.

Trentini Space and Design is a guide in the modern interior design, a place where everyone can fullfil its dream to live or work in an aesthetic, modern and high-quality environment. Anybody can find here sustainable design, the newest tendencies as well as receive a personal consultancy. The new Store is not just new premises, a new exposition or additional square meters: il represents a new beginning on another, higher level, striving for even better harmony, aesthetics and quality, reflecting the Trentini’s mission to be a guide to contemporary design.




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