Moscow - Altagamma, New Layout

Bronze PVD stainless steel and fossil oak are the main players of this intricate project, with, in the middle, an island with Convivium Elegant door and, to the sides, two walls dedicated to specific functions: the first for food preparation, with washing area and ovens, closed behind Modus System doors, the second to storage, with pantry, fridge tall unit and centrally placed Vina Epicure.

In the middle of the project, an island in bronze PVD stainless steel with Carrara marble worktop and built-in Era Snack Bar. Behind the island, Modus System doors hide a space with Beta doors and open-shelf unit in hazelnut Fenix NTM®, worktop with drip guard and back panel in Carrara marble, and black PVD lighting shelf.

The top in the work area features a recess, and sliding wooden chopping board and PaperStone pan support. The jar holder in fossil oak under the Mensolinea shelf also slides. Attention to detail and material combos ensures excellent form and function.

Compact, functional, elegant: the layout with work island featuring Italia door in black Fenix NTM® and wall of tall units complete with ovens, fridge and built-in Mac (Mini-Appliances-Container).

Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya 23, Build. 1
119435 Moscow Russia

credits: Altagamma





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