The choice of materials and finishes is a fundamental stage in the definition and design of a kitchen. This is why Arclinea constantly researches new materials, textures and colours, some simple and natural like wood and stone, others refined and exclusive, like PVD stainless steel or the staves used for the Lignum et Lapis doors, and yet others with more technical, functional value. The result is a consistent, harmonious, elegant series, studied to permit constantly new combinations and guarantee maximum freedom of expression.

black ash, NTF fumé oak, Grigio Collemandina marble, bronze pvd stainless steel

natural oak, bronze pvd stainless steel, lava quarzotech, Pietra Grey marble

teak, NTF fumé oak, white Carrara marble, Grigio Collemandina marble, Vintage stainless steel

fossil oak, black ash, bronze pvd stainless steel, black metal, Idra Brown marble

American black walnut, black pvd stainless steel, Portoro marble, absolute black quarzotech

natural oak, white Carrara marble, lava and clay quarzotech, stainless steel

Art Direction: Juma


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