The annual appointment with the London Design Festival, from 14 to 22 September, marked the official launch of new Arclinea products for 2019 at the B&B Italia Store in Brompton Road, today one of the best showrooms in the world owned by Design Holding. Founded in 2018 this is the biggest group on the top-end international design scene and its cultural heritage is of European origin. The interiors are furnished with B&B Italia, Maxalto and Arclinea collections, which go beautifully with lamps by Flos and Louis Poulsen, the group’s complementary two icon companies. 

Presentation of Arclinea kitchens is enhanced by new layouts, new details and new finishes, integrating exclusive functional and instrumental elements that express unique product concepts, designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio.

A kitchen for cooking and socialising with walls that integrate the New Pocket system and tall units with door in vertical NTF teak slats and black PVD Principia handle. New Pocket disappearing doors either reveal or hide the elegant cooking, washing and prep zones, finished with Convivium Elegant doors in glossy lacquered granite, worktops and back panels in Pietra Grey marble. Spatia island in the centre with Convivium Elegant doors in glossy lacquered granite and built-in Era table in NTF teak.

Tall units and New Pocket, doors in vertical NTF teak with horizontal strips.

Inside the New Pocket prep zone with black anodised Mensolinea shelf and built-in light.

Era table in NTF teak.

Era table built into Spatia island.

Detail inside drawer.

A welcoming elegant kitchen featuring central island, suspended base units with Convivium Elegant doors in PVD Champagne and Calacatta gold marble back panel with new built-in Profilo tool rail, single shelf in PVD Champagne with integrated hood. To the sides, wall of tall units with door in vertical NTF teak slats, Convivium Professional handle in PVD Champagne, double MAC (Mini Appliances Container), built-in ovens and refrigerator.

Worktop in polished Calacatta gold marble, 12 cm thick with 1.2 cm drip guard.

Detail of sink in PVD Champagne built in under worktop.

A professional kitchen that fits into the living area in the store. Convivium Elegant island in Bronze PVD, Artusi Vintage stainless steel worktop with recess. Wood panelling in NTF fumé oak in a single volume incorporates tall units with Principia door and bronze Principia handle, MAC (Mini Appliances Container), refrigerator, ovens and pantry. 

A convivial kitchen with Lignum et Lapis island and operative wall, door in grey Fenix NTM® with Dark Silver Italia handle, 12 cm thick worktops in matte Carrara marble with 1.2 cm drip guard, black PVD New Convivium hood, Stopsol glass wall units with black frame, fossil oak linings and built-in light, back panel in marble with new built-in Profilo tool rail in black PVD, fitted with sliding wood and ceramic elements. Wall of tall units with cupboards and New Pocket, door in vertical NTF fossil oak with Dark Silver Italia handle.

Wall of tall units with Italia door in NTF fossil oak with New Pocket fitted out as a counter, tall unit for ovens, open shelves, worktop and back panel in matte Carrara marble.

Detail of Stopsol glass door on the new 96 cm tall wall units with frame in black anodised aluminium, fossil oak linings and built-in light.

Detail of Italia door in grey Fenix NTM® and 12 cm thick worktop.

On the Carrara marble wall, new built-in Profilo tool rail.

A minimal linear kitchen, with Beta door in white Fenix NTM®, with grooved handle in lacquered white and 2 cm thick matte Carrara marble worktop, white lacquered shelf on Carrara back panel with built-in light. To the sides, the Modus horizontal folding door system hides interiors with teak-finish shelves and oven zone.

Photo by Sim Canetty-Clarke Photography



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