Raquel Garcia and Aurelio Sanchez, Arclinea partners in Barcelona, have chosen to move their showroom to a new centrally located retail position, commissioning impeccable renovation work and an exclusive project completely in line with the high quality level of Arclinea manufacture.


Compact and functional, devised for socialising, Italia island in stainless steel with worktop with recess and built-in Era Snack Bar in NTF Fossil Oak, footrest in stainless steel and wood and double shelf in stainless steel with tube edge and built-in LED light.


Behind the island, architectonic ‘wood panelling’ houses Modus horizontal folding doors, which inside hide a small but fully functional kitchen with Gamma door in grey Fenix NTM®.


In the middle, Convivium island with doors in bronze PVD stainless steel, worktop with recess in 20 cm thick Carrara marble and New Convivium hood in bronze PVD with glass border. Craftsmanship and attention to detail for the NTF fumé oak for the Era built-in table and for the wall of tall units with Principia door and Principia handle in bronze PVD stainless steel.

The wall alongside the store window houses Vina & Tall Unit, fridge, freezer and a handy MAC multipurpose unit in the centre, with Stopsol glass door and wooden interior.

The interior layout of this Flagship Store separates and joins the kitchen displays stylishly and elegantly, highlights them with the materials and combinations selected.

The floor-to-ceiling room divider in fumé oak is more than just storage, becoming an architectural element that houses pantry closets with central ovens.

In the basement, Convivium island with Convivium Elegant door in black Fenix NTM®. Behind it, in NTF natural oak, two units with New Pocket System recessed door house ovens, fridge and food prep area, with Convivium New Professional doors with black PVD steel grooved handle.

Photos by Kris Moya Studio




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