Arclinea announces a strategic agreement with B&B Italia, under the sign of excellence in design.

Caldogno, 15 September 2016 / Within the current month will be completed an important agreement that will bring Investindustrial (independent investment company), to become majority partner of Arclinea. The operation will be realized through the acquisition by B&B Italia (a subsidiary of Investindustrial), of the majority of Arclinea Arredamenti S.p.A..

The Fortuna family, that has been always the sole shareholder of Arclinea Arredamenti S.p.A., will remain in the company with a minority stake and will continue to lead the company operationally, with the opportunity to accelerate its growth plans, with the support of a partner such as Investindustrial, which has identified in the design industry Made in italy, an industrial manufacturing sector with high potential for further development.

Arclinea has found in B&B Italia and Investindustrial unity of purpose, as well as the same values and goals that have always belonged to the company. This main aspect led to the decision to enter into partnership and to share development projects in the world market: retail and contract.

Specifically, the agreement provides for the development of strategic partnerships leveraging the full complementarity of the respective product ranges, and on the common ability to combine unique design with tradition and innovation through a re-known industrial production approach, aimed at achieving excellence.

Silvio Fortuna, AD Arclinea, commented: "The core values of our company and our family, are the same as those of Investindustrial and B&B Italia. From this realisation sprang the decision to enter into a partnership and share development projects on the world market. For Arclinea, a global star of the high-end kitchen segment, this will mean a further substantial acceleration of its international development.”

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