Antonio Citterio: New Catalogue

Antonio Citterio presents the new Arclinea catalogue

The kitchen is the hub of the home, the place to which the family geography gravitates. A story made of affections and the daily pleasure of sharing gestures and flavours. Space in space, the kitchen environment is a complex and compelling physical territory, where known materials, others high-performance, dialogue with continuously evolving technological dimensions.

This book-catalogue is a story about kitchens.

For Arclinea, connecting humans to their surroundings has always been a challenge it thrives upon, meeting functional requirements through technical research, developing new forms in respect of the spaces chosen to welcome them: producing instruments with which to design architectures to be lived in and shared.

We must in fact be aware that a kitchen is, undisputedly, a place of emotion, memory and aromas, but it is also a tool, and, as such, it must have very specific technical and functional bases.

Arclinea intends the kitchen to increasingly use the systems belonging to other rooms and reach out to new cultures, uses of space, utilisations. It is expected to know how to integrate new functions and meet the challenges of technology.

In our work we have always paid attention to the characteristic work processes and flows in the kitchen.

Each Arclinea kitchen is the result of careful design in line with the Collection: a unique and distinctive world of products, a design template, a set of transversal elements linked by a fil rouge, made to meet the requirements of concrete, daily, creative and shared use.

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