3daysofdesign, Copenhagen

3daysofdesign Copenhagen is an exclusive must-visit for sector operators, the press and architects in Denmark and the whole of Scandinavia. These three days, from 16 to 18 September 2021, saw designers, architects, the press, bloggers, buyers and design addicts come together in the Danish capital to discover the new concepts and new collections by the most popular international design brands. Destinations not to miss included the new D Studio Copenhagen, the retail format by Design Holding where the worlds of Arclinea, B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Flos and Louis Poulsen all rub shoulders.

For the occasion, guests in the Arclinea space at D Studio Copenhagen were treated to showcooking specials with tasting sessions held by Chef Luca Marchini, from the Michelin-starred restaurant “L’Erba del Re” in Modena. He prepared a special “Hamburger Emiliano” with caramelised pear bread, salsa verde, horseradish sauce and cotechino, an Emilian version of “Tagliolino cacio e pepe”, made with parmigiano reggiano, pepper, lemon juice and zest, and “Tortello bugiardo e cozze”, pasta and mussels with a sauce made from baby plum tomatoes and a coffee and cocoa crumble.

3daysofdesign was a unique chance to visit the world’s very first, brand new D Studio by Design Holding and check out products by Arclinea, B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Flos, and Louis Poulsen. A unique showroom where each brand plays a leading role yet at the same time dialogues with different objects and types of products, in a hub where design opens up to an unprecedented dimension all about experience, business, and inspiration.

D Studio Copenhagen
Kuglegårdsvej 13–17    
1434 København DK

Store design and Customer Journey project in partnership with Design Group Italia


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