Magazine n. 3

Magazine n. 3


Arclinea Magazine n. 3

Here we are with the third issue of Arclinea Magazine: by now an appointment for many, at which Arclinea is proudly and incisively punctual. There are lots of stories... First of all is the new Arclinea showroom in the beating heart of the 'big apple'. The 'dream kitchens'
around the world are beautiful, designed with those who inhabit them in mind, perfectly in line with Arclinea's mission. Talking of materials, we have decided to explore wood. This historic, prestigious feature, always at the heart of the company's product, is now used scrupulously and with constant consideration for the environment. In the last issue we left you with an invitation to share Arclinea's news at Eurocucina. The pages reporting last April event in Milan are full of news; in a complete, concrete, but necessary summary: just like the concept of the design presented, perfectly exemplified by 'Spatia'. And, finally, the near future. Everything has to be developed, but is very appealing. Grand small Arclinea kitchens for prestige boats. Grand small Arclinea kitchens for a unique cooking school in a magical part of Italy that is still to be discovered...
An issue that speaks of tradition, with head held high: because 'what is tradition if not an innovation that has been successful?'