Magazine n. 2

Magazine n. 2


Arclinea Magazine n. 2

The welcome afforded to the first issue of Arclinea Magazine, by both the public and specialist operators, fuelled hopes that our choice of topics and content was useful in spreading awareness about what Arclinea actually does around the world. We are by no means trying to take stock at this early stage of the game, after all, this is only our second issue! However, it would seem that by deciding to provide top-quality information on every subject tackled we enthused our readers, providing them with an even more helpful intense exchange of ideas. Illustrated with images and testimonials, Arclinea's business worldwide thus strengthens and becomes more transparent - recounted by those directly involved.
In this new number we go even further: from China to the Caribbean, via Europe, with a stopover in Italy to talk about important living projects...News and in-depth analysis and, last but by no means least, an invitation for all of you to join us in Milan from 14th to 19th April: come for a close up look at Arclinea's new ideas at Eurocucina 2010!