Italia est la cuisine professionnelle pour l'environnement domestique, idéale pour ceux qui veulent profiter chez eux des prestations d'une cuisine de restaurant. L’acier en est le principal matériau : ductile, hygiénique et indestructible. Tous les environnements sont organisés avec de grands plans de travail associés à des colonnes spacieuses, équipées à l'intérieur de manière organisée et efficace, avec des plans de cuisson agrandis, deux zones de lavage différenciées et séparées : une pour la vaisselle et l'autre pour les aliments.


A space that becomes architecture in the design of a professional kitchen connected to the living area. The work and socialising tools and functions of the two Italia islands in Vintage stainless steel dialogue with the elegant walls of tall units to the sides, with Lignum et Lapis doors in matt NTF black ash and characteristic original design. The floor-to-ceiling wood panelling houses, in the centre, the Vina refrigerated wine unit to one side and to the other an unusual built-in Frame System double door idea that opens onto the dining area, where the wood panelling continues and where the Madia unit stands out in the wall of tall units, with its coplanar opening glass door and interiors in fossil oak.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle

antonio citterio presents italia, the professional kitchen

242 cm long work island, 60 cm base units with drawers and deep drawers fitted with Moka Box System organising elements, elegant and complete in dark oak with black metal sides and glass, ceramic and metal accessories.

Italia recessed handle, here in nickel pearl finish built into the door in Vintage stainless steel, is an Arclinea patent and is artisanally produced in-house using an exclusive unique process.

Italia prepping and cooking island has doors and side panels in Vintage stainless steel, 8 cm thick matt Pietra Gray marble worktop with 1.2 cm drip guard, sink and Arclinea Specialty hob, sliding PaperStone® grids, and glass splash guard; socialising area with Era snack bar in NTF fossil oak and handy footrest in steel and wood. Over the island, Single Shelf in Vintage stainless steel with hood and built-in 3000K LED profiles.

Compact and functional, the work island in Vintage stainless steel, 8 cm thick matt Pietra Gray marble worktop with 1.2 cm drip guard, central Accessorised Channel, double sink, built-in preparation and washing area, sliding PaperStone® grids and chopping board. Suspended Double Shelf in Vintage stainless steel, 60 cm deep with built-in 3000K LED lighting.

The large wall of wood panelling that separates the work space from the living area has functional built-in tall units, closed behind Lignum full-length doors in vertical NTF black ash, with Artusi handle in black PVD. In the centre of the wall, 120 cm pantry unit with accessories, complete with pull-out racks, sides in textured grey aluminium, base panel in grey melamine, and built-in Sky 3000K LED lighting. Moka Box System internal drawers and deep drawers with black front and sides. Tall unit with 18 cm deep Blum internal drawers, fixed-position shelf, Sky 3000K LED profile on the top of the unit and Kiton 3000K LED Lighting Profile on the divider.

Functionality and socialising are closely linked to allow for easy use of tools and at the same time create welcoming living spaces. In the centre of the wall of wood panelled tall units (l 660 x d 60 x h 285 cm) Vina, the dualtemperature refrigerated wine unit (240 cm) with coplanar doors in Stopsol glass, linings in NTF fossil oak, bottle rack in stainless steel, built-in 3000K LED lighting.

The two-sided double Lignum door in vertical NTF black ash (60+60 cm) acts as a filter between the work area in the kitchen and the living area. It has a Modus handle with bronze finish and is designed to the same height as the tall unit (285 cm), with push-pull opening.

Main player in the dining area, in the centre of the Lignum wood panelling in vertical NTF black ash, the double Madia (240+240 cm), doors in Stopsol glass with coplanar motorised opening system, linings and accessorised drawers in NTF fossil oak, and built-in 3000K LED lighting.

An elegant look for the dining area adjacent to the kitchen thanks to the combination of the light wood used for the table and two Madia units and the black wood panelling of the wall of tall units with Lignum doors featuring a characteristic original design of vertical staves, variable in widths and distances, that enhances the beauty of the wood.


Organising the kitchen into separate zones allows you to enjoy your home in different yet complementary ways. Italia island in stainless steel with Era snack bar is centre stage here, linked to the living area, compact and functional but designed also for socialising. Wood panelling in American black walnut, with integrated Modus horizontal folding doors, conceals a fully equipped work area, with professional tools and appliances. Stainless steel, hygienic, resistant and safe, and the go-to first choice for Arclinea production quality, is the recurring constant in this project, used for the Italia doors on the base units and tall units, the worktops with recess, the accessorised back panel with Mensolinea Shelf and Shelf Hood.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle

Italia island with 31 mm thick worktop in stainless steel, 12 mm deep recess and 6 mm front edge, complete with induction hob, built-in sink, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping board, glass splash guard, Double Shelf in stainless steel with tube edge and built-in 3000K LED light. Area for socialising with Era snack bar in American black walnut with handy footrest in steel and wood.

In the middle of the wood panelling, the Modus System horizontal folding doors with integrated handle in stainless steel finish open to reveal a fully functioning kitchen. The central zone has a 12 cm thick worktop, Italia doors with integrated handle, back panel with Shelf Hood and Mensolinea Shelf complete with di 3000K LED lighting profile and sliding accessories in American black walnut and ceramic. To either side, walls of tall units, on the left with ovens and pantry and on the right with fridge and freezer.

The central work area has a 12 cm thick worktop with 12 mm deep recess. A linear layout where the three zones for preparation, cooking, and washing integrate the ideal tools for carrying out the different jobs, guaranteeing a correct work flow. The Specialty 5-burner hob has a sink on either side: one for food preparation and washing, the other for washing the dishes. Sliding wooden chopping boards and grids in PaperStone® help to make work even more flexible and accurate.

A detail of the Mensolinea Shelf and Shelf Hood with built-in 3000K LED light and of the Italia door with its exclusive integrated handle. Produced in-company, the result of artisan skill and expert hands, Italia handle differentiates and identifies: the wide range of finishes available for its door enabling personalisation and uniqueness for every project. On the wall, tall units with vertical Artusi handle in stainless steel.

The warm teak finish contrasts with the practical hygienic stainless steel, a main player in this kitchen project: used for the tall units with shelves and built-in 3000K LED light, and for the internal drawers fitted with Box Globe accessories.

In 1988, Italia by Antonio Citterio marks an innovative turning point in the modern conception of cooking space, borrowing the materials, spaces and uses of professional kitchens. The aesthetics of steel are all new: inalterable, resistant to water and flame, and technically worked with the precision required for optimum functional performance. The worktops are deeper, rationalised and organised for preparation and cooking: with dedicated double sinks for food and washing up, the aim being to provide the right work tools for maximum quality results. Over the years, the professional concept has expanded to include new technical solutions, better-performing equipment and more sophisticated finishes.

The Italia project with double operational island, accessorised wall, Isola hood with glass border and double shelf, makes highly professional kitchens a reality. The spaces are defined by correct use of tools and perfect layout of functions. The design approach meets today's needs and embraces careful study of changing needs in terms of performance. New attention is afforded to details, finishes, and materials: worktops in stainless steel with recess and accessorised central channel, hob with cast iron pan supports, and built-in waste bin. Sliding wooden chopping boards and Paperstone grids provide extra work space when and where necessary.

Under the accessorised worktops on the operational islands in stainless steel, the exclusive new internal accessories for drawers and deep drawers, in teak and stainless steel, optimise space and suggest the correct position of utensils, accessories, pots and pans for maximum ease of access and use. There is a wide range of solutions and possible personalised layouts, starting with optimum positioning for roll holders (film, aluminium), spice rack, jars with ceramic lids, multi-purpose chopping boards, bread and cheese boards, knife holders, scales and plate holders.


With double island in stainless steel and functional wall of tall units, Italia kitchens are highly professional, their layouts based on the correct use of tools. The socialising island with snack bar in fossil oak protected by a glass splash guard, has an induction hob, worktop waste bin, sink, and professional New Artusi Professional hood. The food preparation and washing island has a central accessorised channel and suspended double shelf. Sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping boards provide extra work space. The wall of tall units, with Italia door in black Fenix NTM® and central worktop in Pietra Grey with accessorised back panel, is rounded out by a refrigerator, freezer and ovens. On the right, completing the layout, Vina & Tall Unit, the temperature control wine unit, combined with wood-lined dresser.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle

1. Preparation 2. Cooking 3. Washing


The Italia professional work unit is 70 cm deep and designed to house two separate sinks, one for washing and the other for preparation, so that food does not come into contact with detergents and other materials used for cleaning pots and pans. In the centre, the large five-burner hob, with cast iron pan-racks. The Italia door with recessed handle is an exclusive Arclinea patent.


A highly professional kitchen, efficient rational design set in a space that can be shared or concealed to suit how the room is used every day. This Italia layout can be closed off or opened up to the rest of the home thanks to the Modus horizontal folding doors that are part of the warm textured fossil oak wood panelling. Entirely in stainless steel and Black PVD, the Italia kitchen has a large central work area and tall units to the sides. In the centre, the worktop with recess features a hob with cast iron pan supports, worktop waste bin, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping board, Mensolinea shelf with LED profile and professional Artusi Gourmet Plus hood, sliding wooden wall accessories and internal teak finishes, with accessories.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle

Modus with doors in NTF fossil oak and handle in stainless steel.

Italia work area with Italia door in PVD black and handle Italia in dark silver, 3.1 cm thick top in stainless steel with 12 mm recess and 6 mm edge sink. Mensolinea shelf with stainless steel finish, NTF fossil oak accessories, and LED profile.


Lacquer available in 34 colours
Laminate available in 4 colours

Fenix NTM®  available in 8 colours

Stainless steel and stainless steel PVD available in 4 colours

Vertical grain wood in
Teak NTF

Horizontal grain wood
available in 7 colours
Italia handle, an exclusive Arclinea product, available in Nickel Pearl Plated or Dark Silver.






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