KDC, Malta

The developer’s aim for this private villa cluster project was to create the ultimate no-limits living experience. This presented the architects with the tremendous opportunity to shape and enhance a contemporary lifestyle. Passionate for quality interiors, the owner gave the architects the opportunity to fully understand him and as a result, gave them complete control to craft and direct every action. The exterior palette comprises slate pools, timber decks, grey and white walls. The same paving flows into the house. Indoor and outdoor spaces share equal importance with each playing a leading role in the experience of the other.
The bedroom spaces are orthogonal, large and serene. Each enjoys the luxury of a secluded courtyard, walk-in wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms. The bedrooms, in contrast to the living areas, are self sufficient and tailored for all things private. The interior design is subtle and earthy, with simple colors, lines and materials doing nothing more than what they’re needed to. The lighting too is balanced between architectural fittings and a selection of decorative pieces.


Architects: Forward Architects
Arclinea partner: Arclinea @ Auntielucy
Ph. Metropolis, David Pisani

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