Lignum et lapis

The main players of Lignum et Lapis are stone and wood: materials used exclusively for design and project creativity. Formal study and technologies have allowed the production of islands, worktops and workbenches in stone: true physical industrial sculptures. The unusual door enhances the fineness of natural wood with its exclusive stave design in variable widths and distances. It is available in various finishes: larch, mahogany, Nordic Oak and in all the lacquer colours from the Collection.


Cooking and sharing the experience with your guests. This is the idea behind the project that puts Lignum et Lapis centre-stage with its sculpture-island in stone or steel. Here in steel with Italia laminate doors, conceived as a separate room, functional and yet perfect for socialising: while you cook on the side where the equipment is, your guests can watch from the other side, sharing preparation and the taste of good food. This socialising zone integrates with the area housing the sinks, pantry, and tall units for refrigerator and ovens, surrounded by the wood panelling on the walls and matching Modus horizontal folding doors. On the opposite side, Vina refrigerated wine unit completes the design idea and the experiential mood of this room.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle

The worktop of the Lignum et Lapis island concentrates the functions of preparation, washing and induction cooking. 12 cm thick with a 12 mm deep recess it comes complete with worktop waste bin, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping boards, and the 20 cm wide Accessorised Channel, the functional element that houses accessories positioned as required and power sockets, separating the work space from the convivial snack bar in NTF fossil oak. Fume extraction is guaranteed with the New Artusi Professional hood in stainless steel with tool rail and glass running around the edge. The island is completed with 48 cm tall suspended base units with Italia door and side panels in black Fenix NTM®, Italia integrated handle and footrest in steel and wood.

Behind the island work area, inside the wood panelling with Modus horizontal folding doors, the washing up zone has base units with Convivium Elegant door in black Fenix NTM®, back panel and 8 cm thick worktop with recess in stainless steel, open wall units in NTF fossil oak, 3000K LED profile under the wall units and accessories in matt black wire and white ceramic. On the worktop with central built-in sink, sliding grids and wooden chopping board.

Internal drawers with steel sides and NTF teak front fitted with Box Globe accessories. 8 cm thick worktop in stainless steel with recess.

Detail of the Lighting Profile with 3000K LED and wire accessories.

Vina, the refrigerated wine unit in the 240 cm version can hold 132 0.75 l bottles and four 1.5 l magnums. The coplanar doors in Stopsol glass have a motorised opening system. Inside, a bottle rack and structure in stainless steel, back and side panels, also available in the wood finishes in the Collection.


The Lignum et Lapis island and adjacent Pocket functional wall of storage together form a project that focuses on the instrumental needs of work in the kitchen and the gestures involved in preparation and convivial consumption of food. An ‘exclusive sculpture’ in white Carrara marble with large operational worktop, end elements and side panels that support and trace an elegant silhouette, housing suspended base units.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle


A monolith in stone partnered with Eulithe (lightness) and aluminium (mechanical resistance) with supporting elements (side and end panels) that act as a base. The worktops are designed and realized with a drip guard, shaped snack bar area, integrated stone basins: ready to accommodate stainless steel hobs and sinks. The suspended base units have larch-stave or lacquered doors and Greca handle in stainless steel. 


A large work space, an environment offering high-level professional performance, perfect for hosting and sharing the pleasure of cooking and tasting. In the centre, the “sculpted” Lignum et Lapis island with stainless steel structure: a large recessed worktop houses the hob and the sink, a worktop waste bin, sliding PaperStone® grids and walnut wood chopping boards. The new accessorised channel down the middle divides the work space from the snack bar with an insert in marble. Fume extraction, fundamental in a professional kitchen, is guaranteed thanks to two large New Artusi Professional hoods in stainless steel with glass border. Behind the work island, the accessorised wall houses not only the fridges, ovens and wine unit Vina & Tall Unit, but also a functional dishwashing area. Maximum practicality and ergonomics for the finishes in steel and black Fenix NTM®, with recessed Italia handle. A big table with Arclinea bench in natural oak complete the room layout.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units
–.–.–. Washing cycle
……… Food Preparation cycle
Detail of work area, Italia door in black Fenix NTM®, stainless steel structure and New Artusi Professional double hood.
Deep drawers with internal drawers with black bottoms, sides and fronts and new accessories. 12 cm thick top in stainless steel with 12 mm recess.
Tall units with door in black Fenix NTM® and Italia integrated handle, internal teak finish and diffused indirect LED lighting.


Matt lacquer with vertical staves
available in 36 colours

Wood in vertical staves available 
in nordic oak
Door available with Greca handle or Selene handle.



NEW pocket system


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