Italia is a professional kitchen for the home, perfect for home chefs who want to experience restaurant-style performance within their own four walls. Steel is the main player: tensile, hygienic and indestructible. All the layouts adhere to the same principle: generous worktops alongside spacious tall units with efficient, well-planned internal accessories, extended hob tops, two separate washing areas, one for pots and pans and the other for food preparation. The Italia door with recessed handle is an exclusive Arclinea patent.

The Italia professional work unit is 70 cm deep and designed to house two separate sinks, one for washing and the other for preparation, so that food does not come into contact with detergents and other materials used for cleaning pots and pans. In the centre, the large five-burner hob top, with cast iron pan-racks.

Italia with island

Italia with island featuring PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) stainless steel doors with wall of tall units housing ovens and refrigerator. To the side, Vina Epicure, the beverage-dedicated section.

Vina Epicure

It teams the Vina wine unit with the Beverage Centre unit.

PVD stainless steel and chestnut wood

Italia island in stainless steel in the version treated with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), detail of the Hide hood for top and wall of tall units in NTF (Natural Touch Finish) chestnut wood.

Italia straight

Italia linear layout with washing and food preparation worktops in Carrara marble, lowered professional hob in stainless steel, base units in stainless steel finish with Italia recessed handle, Carrara marble back panels, utensil rail and Shelf hood in stainless steel.

Worktop, door and handle

Detail of the worktop in white Carrara marble and the stainless steel door with Italia recessed handle.


Hob top in stainless steel teamed with worktop in Carrara marble.

Shelf hood

The Shelf hood in stainless steel comes complete with LED lighting system and can be fitted with sockets for electrical appliances.

Italia black Fenix NTM®

Italia featuring doors and worktop in super matt black Fenix NTM® with Artusi Gourmet hood. The wall houses the oven and the WIC (Walk-In-Closet) on the left, integrated fridge unit on the right.


Artusi Gourmet Hood, in stainless steel, measures 120, 180 and 240 cm, 54 cm deep. In extraction or filter version, the latter also available with professional active carbon filters.

Fenix NTM®

An innovative laminate, highly resistant and velvety to the touch, used for application of the exclusive Arclinea Italia handle.


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Italia double island

Italia double island in stainless steel: minimal lines in a warm combination with teak used for the high bench, the snack bar integrated with the island and the doors on the cupboards lining the wall.

Island with snack bar and bench

Stainless steel island with professional sink, 12 cm worktop measuring 150 cm deep, snack-bar insert in teak.

Wall of units

Wall of tall units with teak doors, Italia recessed handles and stepladder that slides along a rail. The double oven is flanked by the MAC (Mini Appliances Container).

Food-washing and cooking island

Cooking and washing island in stainless steel with 12 cm thick worktop measuring 150 cm deep, professional sink and lowered hob. 

Our Italia story takes us to the home of Erica and Camilla

Founded in Rivoli in 1999 by Cordon Bleu chef and AICI teacher Erica Maggiora, “La Maggiorana” has its origins as the first cookery school in Piedmont, which opened in 1973 in Turin, in a workshop at the family-run Maggiora biscuit factory.
The new premises were inaugurated in 2004, in collaboration with Arclinea, in an early twentieth-century villa surrounded by centuries-old gardens. The interiors are sophisticated yet welcoming, with interactive lessons held by Chef Erica Maggiora and her daughter Camilla.
The three generations who have accompanied the growth of “La Maggiorana” cookery school (Elena, then Erica and now Camilla, too), each represent a new chapter, each one richer that the last, in the exciting history of this school.
They all share the same innate feel for perfect equilibrium between innovation and tradition, experience and experimentation, transferring this to pupils, collaborators and visitors in the form of a refined, human, unrepeatable experience.




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