Exclusive Elements


“Kitchen design is based on questions affected by simple, concrete factors that are however extraordinarily important because they are amplified by continual repetition, day after day. While organising a kitchen is basically a question of common sense, the best design project is invisible to the eye, yet tangible in its intelligence with every gesture, every time we cook, at whatever level, whether humble or sublime”. Antonio Citterio, Architect.

Chairs, stools and tables

The Olimpia chair and stool

The Olimpia chair and stool to go with the tables and benches are available in wood in natural oak, Nordic oak, grey oak, black oak, light concrete oak, clay oak, elm NTF, american black walnut NTF, fumé chestnut NTF, fume oak NTF, larch, mahogany and teak finishes.


Panca table, structure in wood with slatted top, available in all the wood finishes.

Convivium fixed and Up-Down table, structure in stainless steel with slatted top, available in all the wood finishes.

Flox table, structure in stainless steel, with multiply-edged laminate or wood top, available in all the wood finishes in the Collection.

Up-Down table

The motorised oleodynamic system of the Up-Down table is an exclusive Arclinea design that allows the height of the table to be regulated from 75 to 90 cm so that the surface can be used in different ways: socialising, food preparation, study or work (1.2 cm/s when raised; 1.6 cm/s when lowered).

High bench

The high slatted bench for the snack bar has a wooden structure and is available from 132 cm to a maximum of 410 cm. A slatted snack bar in wood is integrated into the peninsula complete with stainless steel footrest.

The Arclinea Winery Collection

The Arclinea Winery Collection comprises tasting rooms and professional wine cellars for private homes, wine companies, restaurants, hotels and food stores.

VINA, the refrigerating wine unit, is designed for storing wines at an optimum temperature ready for drinking at home or in the restaurant. Available in widths 180 cm and 240 cm, it has a Stopsol double-glazed door with coplanar closing system, internal LED lighting with volumetric sensor. Vina maintains an internal temperature of 12°C to 16°C and relative humidity at >60%.

VINA EPICURE, meanwhile, combines a wine unit with a mobile Beverage Centre complete with humidor for optimum storage of cigars.

VINA&DISPENSA, half pantry, half refrigerating wine unit with large pull-out internal drawers, coplanar doors and top-to-bottom profile handle. The unit can be designed with any of the doors from the collection in a total length of 180 cm (90 cm Vina + 90 cm pantry) or 240 cm (120 cm Vina + 120 cm pantry).

Extraction systems


Artusi island hood in stainless steel, 180 cm wide, 92 cm deep, with telescopic tie rods for load-bearing ceiling.

Convivium island hood, available in 120, 180, 240 cm widths, 90 cm deep, glass fume conveyor with telescopic tie-rods for load-bearing ceiling.

Isola hood in PVD stainless steel available in 180x90 cm and 240x90 cm versions, in black, bronze and champagne finishes.

Artusi Gourmet hood

Artusi Gourmet Hood, in stainless steel, measures 120, 180 and 240 cm, 54 cm deep. In extraction or filter version, the latter also available with professional active carbon filters.

Hide hood for top

Hide hood for top in tempered glass with ‘touch-control’ on the Totem plug socket element for regulating the height of the glass and extraction rate (1000 m3/h maximum). The stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe. It is available in the following versions: extraction hood for top with under-top motor; filtering hood for top; hood for top with detached motor.

Shelf hood

Shelf hood with front in stainless steel, made to measure to a maximum length of 410 cm, it is 45 cm deep and 12 cm thick. Available in the version with or without hood. Complete with 3500 K LED lighting and Touch dimmer switch. A two-socket Schuko element can be built in.

LED TOUCH double shelf and single shelf in stainless steel

Double and single suspended shelves in stainless steel for islands and peninsulas. Featuring adjustable tie-rods in stainless steel and a tool rail running around the edge, they can be fitted with a hood and built-in 3500 K LED lighting system. Either the integrated hood or ceiling-mounted unit can be used for extraction.

Ceiling-mounted extraction unit

Ceiling-mounted extraction unit with perimeter extraction, casing in AISI 304 stainless steel, LED lighting on the frame. Detached motor with remote control. For combination with the LED TOUCH double shelf and single shelf in stainless steel.

Design Elements


Mensolinea shelf is the ideal solution for fitting out the space between base and wall units. Made to measure in aluminium with stainless steel finish and fitted with a continual tray along the upper part, Schuko sockets, LED lighting system on request.
Various wood/ceramic accessories can be added.

Diffused LED lighting system

Above/below diffused LED lighting system, with polycarbonate screen; available on every unit with melamine shelf. The shelf with light can be moved as needed, thanks to an adjustable height bar fixing system. Volumetric sensor that activates the light when the door is open and switch for always-lit option. 


The WIC (Walk-In-Closet) has been thought up to optimise available space, creating roomy storage areas inside the home. Fitted with internal lighting and shelves, it is available in depths of 70 and 100 cm and provides the same storage space as 12 and 19 wall units respectively.


The MAC (Mini-Appliances-Container), available in 60-90-120 centimetre options, has a pull-out wood shelf for storing small everyday use appliances. It is fitted with 2 electric sockets and internal light. The door, with built-in grip, is in mirror-finish Stopsol tempered glass.

Step ladder

Step ladder that slides along its own rail, comfortable and safe, useful for quick and easy access to secondary storage along the wall.

In-wall dishwasher

In-wall dishwasher, design solution that combines practicality and good looks.

Hostess trolley

Hostess trolley on wheels. The wooden shelves are available in all the wood finishes in the Collection.



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