Shenzhen, China - New Opening

Data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from the end of last year showed that the momentum of growth that China has known in the past 40 years will indeed continue with Shenzhen as one of its crowning jewels.
With its prime location and recognized as one of the best residential buildings in the world, One Shenzhen Bay is the ultimate symbol of wealth and success, attracting the most sophisticated upper-class. Together with the international renowned and award-winning Steve Leung Design Group we guide you to discover the new Arclinea showroom in Shenzhen.

“Located in one of the prime locations in Shenzhen, Arclinea’s latest showroom in China at One Shenzhen Bay Shopping area showcases its top-notch kitchen collections blended with the brand’s unique design language. Taking cue from its iconic Milan showroom to exude the brand’s signature Italian vibe in China, the new showroom is a sophisticated and nature-inspired space that features clean-cut lines, balanced geometrics and an abundant selection of natural elements and materials, such as shades of wood, marble stones, and earthy colour tones. This first project collaboration of the renowned Italian brand and SLD introduce Arclinea’s exquisite craftsmanship and product innovation to a new and broader spectrum of audience in Shenzhen - the Chinese Silicon Valley, one of the most innovative metropolis in China.

Embraced by full-length windows, the showroom in beige and brown scheme radiates the understated elegance at the first glimpse. Upon entering, engraved on the textured beige stone wall, Arclinea’s signature logo elegantly sets a calming tone into the space, subtly guiding visitors to explore the exclusive world of its premier kitchen series.

Adjacent to the signature wall, an enclosed walk-in kitchen is hidden behind wooden doors Modus, awaiting guests to explore behind the wall the kitchen series Italia a professional kitchen in elegant rose gold (bronze) PDV stainless steel finishes, for home chefs experiencing top-notch, restaurant-style cooking performances. Widely employing steel - known for its strength, safety and durability, at its main material, Italia incorporates generous worktops and functional internal accessories into its design structure.

Moving to the floor-to-ceiling window, bright and open kitchens catch the passers-by eyes with effulgent metal finishing in champagne gold and defined structural forms: Principia and Convivium are characterized by a contemporary, functional vision that compromise all the pleasures of the old traditions. Principia signature framed wooden door exudes warm and welcoming vibes, harmoniously pairing with Convivium kitchen island in champagne gold metal finishing, topped with a delicate worktop in black and white marble.

The meticulous showcase of the kitchen series - Italia, Principia and Convivium aims at displaying different looks and styles, reflecting the brand’s thoughtfulness in accommodating the customers’ different needs and desires by providing a quality choice of private enclosed kitchens and a social open kitchens. Enclosed kitchens, prevailing in Chinese culture, express a more intimate cooking approach for the home chefs to roam their ideas into delicate creations; while the open kitchens allow instead a livelier interaction between the host and his guests, or the family members, encouraging them to enjoy the cooking pleasure together.

Right in the between of the showcased kitchens, a feature corridor with fireplaces and floating glass cabinets displays the world’s finest cutlery, leading to the Arclinea Cooking School at the back of the showroom.

Conceived as a one-of-a-kind hub for gastronomic culture, the School offers state-of-the-art cooking workshops that allow visitors to experience the exclusive, first-hand knowledge with the very best of the Made in Italy. To embark guests into an unforgettable culinary journey, three Convivium and Gamma kitchens provide an all-rounded and flexible cooking experience.

With its natural colour palette and flowing lines, the new Arclinea’s showroom welcomes its visitors into a soothing space, encouraging them to explore the finely crafted kitchen series, or even indulging in remarkable cooking experiences with the brand’s exquisite products”.

Design: SLD – Steve Leung Design Group



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