These photos, taken by Mario Mulas in the seventies, show how Arclinea expresses all its innovative idea of modernity. A new way of living and conceiving interiors, in line with changing life styles, helps to define new rules for aesthetics and layout.


The everyday space that is home to rituals, desires and creativity, the kitchen innovates by interpreting and anticipating an evolving society. The result is a place where needs both ancient and modern co-exist, telling a story of freedom, the emancipation of women and reinvented habits. Arclinea interprets this transformation in new aesthetics and a new slogan to embody its spirit.

The star of these photos is Gamma 30. Designed in 1970 by Lena and Almerino Fortuna, the model adopted a new European modularity, freeing up design and interpreting a solution in vogue at the time: the ‘handle-free’ kitchen that stood for lightness and elegance. Gamma 30 proved to be a success and a driver for constant research into both form and function.




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