Milano Design Week 2021 - Flagship Store, via Durini 7

There are plenty of new articles just waiting to be discovered at the Arclinea Flagship Store, from the new Thea model to developments in the Winery Collection, reworked colours for the wood panelling and doors in the Modus System and additions to the Collection in the shape of new components and equipment.
There are also new technologies in style and type, developed by Arclinea and coordinated by Antonio Citterio, that confirm the company’s commitment to interpreting a well-defined vision of the product and that all-Italian tradition of a kitchen of excellence that is all about quality and harmony, memory and experimentation, ingredients and passion.
In this direction, significant choices have been made regarding layout of this big architectural space, inspired by the theme of the Mediterranean vegetable garden. Vegetables and herbs planted in organically shaped, naturally coloured vases by Studio Terrae are a feature in many of the show kitchens. This theme is also picked up in the delicate graphic illustrations on the illuminated backdrops.


Architectonic volume with wood panelling and built-in Modus System horizontal folding doors in matt lacquered slats in rosso paprika. In the centre, Convivium island with Convivium Elegant door in bronze PVD stainless steel, 20 cm thick worktop with double drip guard in polished Calacatta gold marble, central accessorised channel, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wood chopping board; Era built-in table in fumé oak; New Convivium hood in bronze PVD with glass border. Wall of tall units and washing area, base units with Convivium Elegant door in bronze PVD stainless steel, 8 cm thick worktop with drip guard in polished Calacatta gold marble. Wall of tall units Winery Collection, Madia and Vina, interiors in NTF fumé oak, doors with coplanar opening.


Wall of wood panelling with Modus System horizontal folding doors in NTF black ash vertical slats. Island in stainless steel with Italia door, 31 mm thick worktop with 12 mm deep recess, induction hob, built-in sink, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping board, glass splash guard, Era snack bar and footrest in fossil oak, Double Shelf in stainless steel with tool rail running around the edge. Behind the wood panelling, functioning kitchen with Italia door, 31 mm thick worktop with 12 mm recess, Lighting Mensoluce Shelf and Mensolinea Shelf in stainless steel.


Straight area for work and socialising with peninsula, 78 cm tall base units with Thea door in white Fenix NTM®, horizontal Gola Profile in lacquered white Fenix, structured Waterfall worktop in satin finish Gravel Quarzotech, 72 cm tall wall units whitw Fenix NTM®, central open wall units NTF fossil oak ,accessorised back panel with built-in stainless steel edging, sliding accessories in fossil oak, peninsula with hob, Canto snack bar; new Isola hood in stainless steel with double extraction filters. On the right, side tall units with Thea door in fossil oak NTF and vertical Gola Profile in stainless steel.


The desire to emphasize the importance of raw ingredients led Arclinea to invite Juma to realize a visual story articulated through four graphic illustrations dedicated to “Orbassano red celery”, “Paccasassi wild sea fennel”, “Sant’Erasmo artichoke” and “Maor autochthonous vine”. Xed by Milano Food Project, the four elements are translated into a minimal and poetic representation that is an ode to the extraordinary beauty of nature.


Simona Silenzi Studio transformed Arclinea kitchens into landscapes to be explored through a botanical path where nature, ceramics and interior design coexist. An invitation to discover the dimension where functionality and imagination meet through handcrafted pieces made from natural materials which become “clods” of a domestic dreamlike vegetable garden.

"To voice tiny producers. To intrigue, unveiling unknown and jeopardized food. To feed, real food, no superfluities". This is the manifesto guiding the in-depth research of Milano Food Project, which has Xed four raw ingredients for Arclinea, four excellences of the Mediterranean Vegetable Garden: Orbassano red celery, Paccasassi wild sea fennel, Sant’Erasmo artichoke and Maor autochthonous vine.

Arclinea invited Studio Terrae to realize a collection of custom-made ceramic vases able to merge and dialog with the space. The vases, expressions of the highest quality and designed considering the needs of plants, have been set up as little and precious gardens, featuring a Xion of Mediterranean vegetable garden.



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