Hamburg New Opening

Star of the show is the collection designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio.
20th May 2019

In collaboration with Ulrich Stein, on May 16th the new Arclinea Flagship Store was inaugurated in the heart of the Hamburg Altstadt/Ballindamm. The location confirms the uniqueness of the Arclinea brand, thanks to a design solution that enhances the materials and finishes, integrating new use criteria and unprecedented product applications. Inside, this Arclinea showroom presents, for the first time in Hamburg, a renewed Collection: an innovative range of kitchen solutions that tells the story of the evolution of ‘cooking’ spaces.

The heart of the display is the functioning kitchen, a place-in-place, an exemplary project that investigates extraordinary functional characteristics and teams them with the emotional aspects of conviviality. This layout confirms how the brand’s values do not merely express design that is attentive to shape, function and tools, but also link to the feel of a kitchen in terms of experience, creativity, pleasure and passion. Conceived as a centre for the design and sales of top-end kitchens, the Arclinea Flagship Store in Hamburg aims to become a privileged place of encounter for clients and professionals, as well as somewhere that will spread a new culture of food thanks to dedicated events and happenings. Arclinea has in fact always interlaced the culture of design with the culture of food, together standing as the keys to interpreting an identity based on excellence. For several years now, the Arclinea Design Cooking School has also contributed to this with its network of dedicated projects for cookery schools and restaurants, drawing on studies carried out in the eighties, bringing the materials and functions of professional kitchens into the home. The first to set out down a path of success.

Layout #1 Convivium + Principia

Island with Convivium Elegant door in bronze PVD, top in 20 cm thick Calacatta marble, induction hob and sink, Box Globe drawer accessories, New Convivium hood in bronze PVD with glass border. Wall with upper part in wood panelling and tall units with Principia door in NTF fumé oak, integrated handle in bronze PVD and Artusi handle in black PVD; New Mac 120 cm, Gaggenau electrical appliances.


Layout #2 Convivium + Principia

Island with Convivium Elegant door in black PVD, 8 cm thick top and back panel in 8 cm thick Nero Assoluto granite, induction hob, glass splash guard, Era snack bar in fossil oak with solid wood edge. Wall of tall units with base units and tall units with Principia door in NTF fossil oak, integrated handle in black PVD; sink in Gun Metal, Mensolinea shelf and Mensoluce lighting shelf in black anodised aluminium with LED profile, and sliding wooden and ceramic accessories. Wall units with Stopsol glass door, black frame and wooden lining. Miele appliances.


Layout #3 Lignum et Lapis, Modus

Lignum et Lapis island with worktop and structure in 12 cm thick Vintage stainless steel with accessorised central channel; Italia door in black Fenix NTM® with integrated handle in Dark Silver, snack bar in 2 cm thick Pietra Grey marble, footrest in stainless steel and natural oak; New Artusi Professional hood.
Wall of tall units for fridge and freezer, WIC (Walk-in-closet), Modus horizontal folding door system in black Fenix NTM® with integrated handle. Internal kitchen base units with Convivium door in NTF natural oak, Convivium New Professional handle in black PVD, 8 cm thick top and back panel in Pietra Grey marble with drip guard; profile under wall unit with light and accessories in matt black wire. Open wall units with built-in LED light; table and bench in NTF natural oak; 180 cm Vina Epicure; V-Zug appliances.

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