Arclinea Fontana Spazio Lab, Costabissara, Vicenza

Synergy between Arclinea and Fontana Arredamenti affords each kitchen setting an all-round vision of design, thanks to the furnishing accessories, lighting and articles on display in this prestigious showroom measuring approximately 4,000 m². The section dedicated to Arclinea kitchens can be glimpsed through the store windows beside the main showroom entrance. Its name, Spazio Lab, stems from the decision to also include here an extraordinary functioning kitchen: a professional space for socialising that hosts cookery courses, tasting sessions, and events.

Convivium island with Convivium Elegant door in bronze PVD stainless steel, top in 20 cm thick matt Carrara marble with drip guard, Arclinea Specialty hob, central accessorised channel in stainless steel; Era built-in table in NTF fumé oak, New Convivium hood in bronze PVD. Wall of tall units with Principia door in NTF fumé oak and integrated handle in bronze PVD; linear pantry/storage area accessed through WIC door.

Convivium island with Convivium Elegant door in Fenix NTM® bromo, Era built-in table, open units and drawers in NTF fossil oak; top and side in structured Vintage stainless steel with built-in induction hob and sink. Wall of tall units with units on top of columns, Convivium Elegant door in Fenix NTM® bromo, 120 cm wide MAC (Mini Appliances Container) with interior in fossil oak and profile in stainless steel.

Lignum et Lapis work and socialising island with Italia door in black Fenix NTM® and Italia handle in nickel pearl, top and structure in stainless steel, induction hob, built-in snack bar in black Fenix NTM®, footrest in NTF natural oak; double New Artusi Professional hood. Wall of tall units with Italia door in black Fenix NTM®, Italia recessed handle in nickel pearl and Artusi handle in stainless steel, with work area with sink, back panel and 6 cm thick top in stainless steel; wall units with protruding door and built-in 3000K LED lighting profile under wall unit, and accessory wire rail. Tables and bench in NTF natural oak.

Convivium island with Convivium Elegant door in black PVD stainless steel, 8 cm thick top in Pluto quartz, induction hob with worktop hood and flush-mounted sink in black PVD, Era snack bar in NTF fossil oak. Work area and tall units, Principia door in NTF fossil oak with integrated handle in black PVD, 8 cm thick top in Pluto quartz with flush-mounted sink in black PVD, Mensolinea Shelf and Lighting Mensoluce Shelf in black anodised aluminium, sliding wood and ceramic accessories, wall units in wired Stopsol glass. The wall of tall units, with ovens and fridge, features a built-in WIC (Walk in Closet).

Arclinea Fontana Spazio Lab
Strada Statale Pasubio n. 17
36030 Costabissara
Vicenza, Italy
+39 349 6140902



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