Storage and division systems

More than just tools and functions, the kitchen increasingly includes solutions that build and define the perfect living space. The systems offered by Arclinea are conceived to meet the most diverse of needs with easily integrated solutions, real elements and modularity for the construction of personalised architecture.


Frame, the opening system built into the accessorised wall of tall units, is a simple minimal way to connect spaces in the home. Built into the wall of tall units, the Frame ceiling door system is a versatile comprehensive design tool for defining and combining spaces in the home. 



A system of disappearing doors to enclose dedicated work areas, thus offering more space when the room is closed and perfect functionality when it is open. Integrated into the accessorised wall of the kitchen, the rooms created with the New Pocket System can be customised in their functions and finishes so as to meet any specific need.



The Modus Doors System of horizontal-opening doors allows for the design of hidden kitchen areas made to measure and with customised choice of finishes. This way, although the organised operational area can be hidden, it is a veritable live-in kitchen complete with dedicated lighting for the worktop and for the room itself.



The WIC allows to create veritable dedicated spaces for containment: closets, pantries, laundry rooms as well as the creation, in the ‘passage’ version, of passageways to the other more private areas of the home. With the door opening towards the inside, an 11 cm wide broom closet is created. It is fitted with shelves, 3000K LED lighting and wire baskets.



Vina, Vina Epicure, Vina & Contenitore, Madia, can be used individually, together or integrated into the walls of tall units. The types with Vina refrigerating wine unit have stainless steel interiors and stainless steel bottle racks, and are available in two different versions: double temperature (from 12°C to 18°C and from 4°C to 12°C) and single temperature (from 12°C to 18°C). The Contenitore, Epicure and Madia units have wooden interiors in the range of Collection wood finishes.



The MAC (Mini-Appliances-Container) is a unit specifically designed for storing and using small appliances. Available in two sizes and in the wood finishes of the Collection, it contains pull-out tray, 2 power sockets and internal 3000K LED lighting. The door, with built-in grip, is of mirror-finish Stopsol tempered glass. Inside the wall, the MAC is perfectly in alignment with the vertical modularity of the Collection.

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