New Pocket System

A system of disappearing doors to enclose dedicated work areas, thus offering more space when the room is closed and perfect functionality when it is open. Integrated into the accessorised wall of the kitchen, the rooms created with the New Pocket System can be customised in their functions and finishes so as to meet any specific need.

New Pocket System is the ideal project for blending kitchen and living spaces through the creation of hidden work or storage areas: mini-kitchen, laundry room, pantry, wine unit, appliances, passageway. The functional areas, available in three different sizes, are concealed by disappearing doors that, when open, allow seamless use of the kitchen.

Single module W 60–69.1 CM

Double module w 120–134.6 CM

Double module w 165–179.6 CM

System with disappearing doors to integrate kitchen and living room. Kitchen, laundry and storage space can all be completely hidden thanks to the disappearing doors. 

When the doors are open, the New Pocket system ensures optimum efficiency in the kitchen; when closed, it creates more space in small rooms or studio apartments.

Interior detail of New Pocket system cooking area: Convivium door in white Fenix NTM® and worktop in stainless steel.

Interior detail of New Pocket system washing area: Convivium door in white Fenix NTM® and worktop in stainless steel.

Detail of the floor-to-ceiling profile handle, for easy closing.

The units for dishwashing and food preparation are hidden behind the New Pocket system doors with floor-to-ceiling profile handle. Inside, base units with Convivium New Professional door in teak and stainless steel.

1 single door
W niche 69,1 cm
W internal space 60 cm

2 single doors
W niche 134,6 cm
W internal space 120 cm

2 single doors
W niche 179,6 cm
W internal space 165 cm

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