London new opening

London new opening


The entry of Arclinea in the prestigious London B&B Italia store confirms the strategic partnership launched between the two companies last September, founded on their shared values of design, innovation and quality.
Arclinea kitchens can now converse with the B&B Italia and Maxalto collections, blending seamlessly into the space, proof of the complementary nature of the products and a common industrial production approach that embraces excellences.


‘Professional’ kitchen that merges with the living area without any visual, functional, convivial continuity solution
CONVIVIUM island (482x130 h 94 cm), Elegant Bronze PVD door, Artusi worktop with stainless steel drip guard and Vintage finish, h 12 cm. Double hob, double sink, bronze PVD double shelf with double hood with flue.
Wood panelling in NTF fumé oak, 10 cm vertical slats with three contrasting horizontal strips, h 26 cm, incorporates into one single volume (572x195 h 450 cm) storage units with PRINCIPIA door in NTF fumé oak, Bronze PVD handle: ovens, refrigerator, MAC (mini appliances container), pantry and Maxalto storage units.


CONVIVIUM, new Elegant door in white Armour, side storage units in NTF colour walnut with vertical grain, with new Professional Convivium door. Top with drip guard and back panels, in polished Portoro marble. Equipped back panel with new black anodised Mensolinea Shelf and accessories in the new walnut colour finish. New Shelf Lighting Unit, h 8.3 cm, with integrated hood and new open wall units, h 36 cm in walnut colour.
On the right, walk-through WIC (Walk-In-Closet) with inside in walnut colour. On the left, open end base unit in wood, tray holder, adjacent table (300x130 h 75 cm) in walnut colour. The display is completed by two trolleys on wheels.
(Room measuring 650x325 cm / Operational kitchen space 330x325 cm).


ITALIA island and base units in black Armour, Italia integrated handle in Nickel Pearl, Artusi worktop with drip guard, h 12 cm in stainless steel, Arclinea professional 120 cm hob with cast-iron pan supports.
New hood-shelf, h 14 cm with side extraction, aluminium Mensolinea Shelf with stainless steel finish and with new accessories in walnut colour. New wall units with stopsol glass door, with screen-printed mesh and wood interiors. Storage units in black Armour and Italia integrated handle Nickel Pearl Walk-through WIC (Walk-In-Closet) with walnut colour wood interiors.
(Room measuring 601x325 / Operational kitchen space 422x395 cm / Island 362x130 cm).