With Spatia, the kitchen is increasingly the centre of the home. A project for creating kitchens large or small, that increases space in small and studio apartments and enables cooking, washing, ironing and storage functions to be hidden when not needed. A project that takes on board the evolving needs of the kitchen zone and brings a new angle to interiors, pushing living horizons to conceal its functions.

The Spatia living/kitchen service island is a central multi-functional element providing a focal point for interior design, thanks to the use of the Pocket concealed-door system, making it easier to plan integrated kitchen and living areas, increasing space in small and studio apartments. All the functions of the home can exist around the island: starting with the kitchen, cooking, washing and preservation and moving on to the living area, ending up with storage space, laundry, wardrobe, bathroom…

Spatia+Pocket in brown oak

Spatia with island and storage units in brown oak finish wood. On the wall, the Pocket recessed door system, again in brown oak.

Pocket laundry room

Pocket recessed door system in brown oak with independent laundry unit.

Pocket storage/cooking

Fridge/freezer, cooking and washing unit, complete with doors in Titan finish laminate.

Pocket open/closed doors

The Pocket wall system with recessed doors allows planning of functional spaces that can be completely hidden.

Spatia+Pocket in Nordic Oak

Spatia in Nordic Oak and stainless steel, Pocket system housing washing and cooking functions and, to the sides, the WIC as a storage and laundry area. 


The Pocket recessed door system allows planning of functional spaces.It makes it easier to plan layouts with combined kitchen-living areas.

WIC (Walk-In-Closet)

The WIC can be used to create real closets. It comes in a storage or walk-through version, for access to those areas in the home you prefer to remain hidden. 

Spatia+Pocket in Nordic Oak

Spatia island with worktop in Pure White Quarzo Tech, Elegant door and table in Nordic Oak. Pocket recessed door system.

Olimpia chair

The Olimpia chair is an exclusive element from the Arclinea collection, available in all the wood finishes.

Pocket handle

The Pocket handle has been designed for Pocket recessed door storage units and for full door units placed alongside them, to give sleek continuity.


Storage units with Pocket recessed door system in black oak e Easy-Box handle in stainless steel. 

Pocket allows for design of functional areas for food preparation and storage. The doors completely disappear when fully open to give unhindered access and optimum use of kitchen space, for streamlined interior design.

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