Singapore - New Layout

With 100 m² of display area and large window overlooking the street, Unique Kitchen Fusion showcases its kitchen projects inside real rooms that enhance functions and tools and emphasise the back story and innovative concepts that over time have turned ideas into materials and facilitated working and socialising.

On display in the large window at the entrance to the showroom is the Lignum et Lapis socialising island with matt lacquered door in white, Greca handle, structure and top in stainless steel, built-in snack bar in NTF American black walnut; stainless steel Double Shelf with tool rail on its edge and built-in 3000K LED lighting system.

Behind, Modus System Doors and side tall units with Italia handle door in Grigio Neutral lacquer, with built-in MAC framed in stainless steel and lined in NTF American black walnut. Inside, a working wall with Italia door in NTF American black walnut, top in 31 mm thick structured PVD stainless steel, accessorised back panel with stainless steel finish aluminium bar, 3000k LED lighting and accessories in black wire, and open wall units in NTF American black walnut.

In the centre, a warm cosy layout with Convivium island, Convivium Elegant door in bronze PVD stainless steel, 20 cm thick top in polished Calacatta gold marble with single drip guard and central accessorised channel; Era built-in table in NTF fossil oak, New Convivium hood in bronze PVD with glass border and built-in double 3000k LED lighting. Behind the island, the wall of tall units with doors in vertical NTF fossil oak and Convivium New Professional handle in bronze PVD, plus built-in tall unit for oven and fridge.

This straight wall-fitted kitchen with compact adjacent island is elegant and refined. Base units with Gamma doors in black Fenix NTM® and stainless steel finish aluminium moulding. Back panel with Mensolinea shelf, shelf hood in stainless steel and Aventos wall unit in black Fenix NTM®.

Unique Kitchen Fusion
163 Penang Rd, #01-02, Winsland House II
Singapore, 238463
Tel: +65 6332 3122


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