In 1978, Arclinea presents its recipe book ‘Cucina in Cucina’ (Cooking in the Kitchen), a collection of Italian regional recipes written by Arclinea clients and collaborators, with an introduction the cultured yet ironic style of Mario Soldati. A small book that is quite a few decades ahead of today’s food mania and relative media globalisation.

There are already lots of recipe books out there. And some may think there is no need to add another,” writes Lena Fortuna, the name behind this project, in the introduction. But ‘Cucina in Cucina’ (Cooking in the Kitchen), is not just a recipe book; it is a celebration of the undeniable link between the ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen, and its everyday cooking experience. Recipes that “as the fruit of housewives’ experiences become a gesture of love and trust (…)”.

Lena Fortuna, CUCINA IN CUCINA, 338 regional cookery recipes with introduction by Mario Soldati, Arclinea, February 1978

A meeting with sector operators, during presentation of the new M78 kitchen, becomes the creative inspiration for cultural analysis at a time when Italy is enjoying an economic boom and seeing changes in the needs of the ‘consumer’, the undisputed main player of marketing at the time.







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