Magazine n. 7

Magazine n. 7


Arclinea Magazine n. 7

The seventh issue of Arclinea Magazine is dedicated to the ‘dream kitchens’ in the world. We were inspired by the ‘themes’ of Lightness, Exactitude, Multiplicity, Quickness and Visibility from Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium. We like to think that the sense of the word ‘Consistency’, the title of the sixth Memo for the Next Millennium
(existing in note form only), belongs to Arclinea, as explored territory that is nonetheless open to the search for knowledge. The resulting multiform value thus encounters a simple, and as such, material essence. Because if perfection exists within a design, it is only when the object can actually fulfill what it has been called upon to be: a synthesis of combined values, from the raw material to the finished product, through the ability of whoever transforms it to relate to
the client (and vice-versa). To become the central focus of the home and family life has always been Arclinea’s goal for designs which, starting from the kitchen, are increasingly capable of opening up to the rest of the home. Timeless, ahead of current trends and transcending them at the same time.