Convivium is open space, a kitchen as an agile organised area, where being together becomes something to share anew every day, a place where a whole series of concrete actions – storing, preparing, cooking – are turned into rituals and emotions. Aromas in the kitchen tell of familiar tales or distant places, old recipes are handed down and new ones experimented and most importantly, everyone eats together around the big table. Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming and functional, with island-table in the centre and canopy shelves running round the whole room at picture rail height.



The island for everyday rituals with worktop in 20 cm thick stainless steel has a built-in wood-slatted table. The design concept of Convivium: the closed area of the made-to-measure Closet and the island, an open area for preparation, cooking and eating food.



Convivium isola+closet

Convivium island with Elegant door in stainless steel, 20 cm thick stainless steel recessed worktop, professional hob and sink, Hide hood for top. Adjustable height Up-Down slatted table in teak. Over the island, the double shelf in stainless steel.


A closed walk-in cabin that is made to measure and helps to organise not only activity in the house, but also its architectural layout. It hides the technical zone with electrical appliances and built-in sink.

Hide hood for top

In tempered glass with “touch-control” on the Totem plug socket element for regulating the height of the glass and extraction rate.

Doppia mensola

In stainless steel, with adjustable tie-rods and LED lighting system, it is available in widths 180-240-300-360 cm, can house a hood or be combined with a ceiling-mounted extraction unit.

Convivium island+wall

Convivium island in stainless steel with Up-Down table in Clay oak. Wall with doors in glossy white lacquered finish, worktop in stainless steel and Mensolinea shelf between base and wall units.

Mensolinea shelf

The ideal solution for fitting out the space between base and wall units. In aluminium with stainless steel finish and made to measure, it is ready to be accessorised with a variety of options.

Convivium straight

Convivium with Elegant door in teak, worktop in white Carrara marble, wall of tall units with ladder that slides along a rail.


The big wooden table in the middle of the room has always been the heart of Convivium, where socialising opens up to include cooking and vice versa, in a continual interlacing of relationships.

Stepladder on a rail

Along the wall of tall units in teak, a ladder slides along a rail for easy use of even the highest storage points in the kitchen.


Detail of combination of Elegant door featuring grooved handle in teak with Carrara marble worktop.

Mensolinea shelf and Up-Down table – video


Mensolinea shelf is the ideal solution for fitting out the space between base and wall units. Made to measure in aluminium with stainless steel finish and fitted with a continual tray along the upper part, Schuko sockets, LED lighting system on request.

Various wood/ceramic accessories can be added: holders for vases, bottles, spices, knives, kitchen rolls, utensils...

The Up-Down table is an exclusive Arclinea design with a motorised oleodynamic system that allows its height to be regulated from 75 to 90 cm so that the surface can be used in different ways: for food preparation, dining, study or work.

Our Convivium story takes us to the Marche region



In Treia, a minimal Convivium Elegant in stainless steel fits beautifully into the interior design of this breath-taking home, surrounded by the spectacular vegetation of the Marche countryside.

Here, around the big wooden table, the home owners love nothing better than to entertain friends, sharing enjoyable meals that always feature excellent cuisine.



Ph. Gaelle Le Boulicaut Photographer

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